Al Wasel Landscaping


Main Drains prefabricated pools outlet 2"

Main drains made
poly. fibregla 75mm

Main drains prefabricated pools outlet 2"

Main drains Lat.out 2"
bottom out 1 1/2"
 Inlet Fittings

Adjustable return Inlet

Liner return Inlet
preb. Pool 3"

Liner floor Inlet 50mm 2"
externel thread

Liner return Inlet
prefabricated Pool AISI316
 Outlet Fittings

Overflow channel

Multifl Sys. Gluing 63mm
6 Bar 50mm pipe

Drainage Grating

Concrete Vacuum Point

Transformers 300VA
from 200v to 12v

Transformer Protection
boxes 130w

Transformer 50w - 12v
Dicroic Lamp

Digital range includes the
Light kit transformer
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