Al Wasel Landscaping

Question : How you are calculating the construction coast of a swimming pool?
Answer :

Depends upon the volume of the pool and the type of pool (Skimmer or Overflow)

Question : How many days minimum required for a small gunnite pool of finish?
Answer :

30 to 45 days for residential pools.

Question : Is it possible to do a pool without Dubai Municipality Approval?
Answer : No. its  is a violation of the law
Question : How many days required for Dubai Municipality Approval?
Answer : 10 to 15 days
Question : Do you have pool maintain department?
Answer : yes
Question :

How often you are coming for cleaning?

Answer : 2 to 3 times in a week
Question :

What are the words included in cleaning contract?

Answer :

1) Cleaning pool water 
2) Checking the putting percentage of chemicals of water
3) Checking the equipments.

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