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We are pleased to introduce ourselves Al Wasel Swimming Pools Maintenance Dubai was established by a group of engineers who have wast experience in water technology. Al Wasel Landscaping was established in 1999 June 7th as a swimming pool Construction and maintenance.

Presently with qualified, experienced and efficient staff, Al Wasel Swimming Pools Maintenance has very experienced technicians in maintenance divisions.

We provide our customers with a wide range of pool chemical of reputed brands. We have a team of dedicated and qualified professionals focusing on offering the quality chemicals at most competitive price.


We are having supply of chemicals for the swimming pools, water feature and fountains. We have already signed monthly maintenance contract for more than 250 swimming pools in various part of Dubai.

Thanking you and assuring our full attention for a long term healthy business relationship with your esteemed organisation and looking forward to receive  your valued enquires now and in future for Swimming Pools Monthly Maintenance.

The following are the our scope of services for cleaning the swimming pool for your kind reference.

a) We will provide adequate technicians and a supervisor to attend on weekly two times visits for the cleaning of the pool.
b). Tasks performed by the service provider for the cleaning of the pool include deputing manpower and chemicals for the execution of the service as follows.

  • Adding chemicals to maintain the approved chemical levels and keeping the water crystal clear as required.
  • Brushing the floor wall and peripherals.
  • Vacuuming the pools to remove all dirt.
  • Removing the floating debris using deep net / shallow net.
  • Checking the chlorine and Ph levels and recording.
  • Checking the filter pressure and backwashing if the pressure is more than specified.
  • Releasing the air from the filter, if any.
  • Checking the filling of water ( Water shall be supplied by the client ) inside the pools to maintain the appropriate level.
  • Cleaning the skimmer basket regularly.
  • Cleaning the strainer basket and check valves of the pumps regularly.
  • Checking the functioning of lights and all equipments inside the plant room and report of faults, if any.

c) The service provider shall submit monthly maintenance report to the client.
d) The service provider shall supply the following required chemicals for the swimming pool cleaning. ( SDIC Chlorine ( U.S.A. )Copper Sulphate ( U.S.A. ), Pool Acid ( U.S.A.) Algaecide ( U.S.A.), Ph & O.T.O. Solutions.


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