Chemical Washing

The pool water must be clear and totally free of both visible and invisible dirt. Visible dirt is mainly removed by the pool filter. The invisible dirt is made up not only of bacteria, which can multiply very rapidly and cause problems, but also algae and fungi of various kinds which spread to the pool, where they find the conditions pleasant. Chemical agents are used to combat and control these.

To make sure the water in the pool is crystal clear and clean, it needs to be chemically treated for:

Cleaning and vacuuming

Grease detergents that effectively remove dirt at the waterline and the removal of dirt, leaves, etc.

pH adjustment

Disinfecting agents work at their best within a narrow range of pH. The water must be neither too acid nor too basic. The ideal pH range for the pool and the human body is between 7.2 and 7.6.

The pool water is disinfected with chlorine to eliminate organisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi. Pool chemicals “burn out” impurities and make the water
glistening and healthy.
Flocculants are clarifying agents used to gather suspended particles that sink to the bottom of the pool and are removed by filtration via the sand filter.

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